An optimistic software solution for your Commodity Trading business

Amazing Features

TWENS has brought up as a NEW GENERATION software
when compared to the various predecessor Commodity Trading applications in the global market.

Cloud Environment

TWENS is a Cloud based application where you can login from any region of the world.

Smart Dashboard

Landing page has been specially designed for all your major needs. We can traverse through the entire application in a Single click.

Hassle Free finance Entries

You don't need to go for different software for your finance entries. We offer you the optimistic solution for your accounting needs in the market.

Hierarchy Based

This software is designed for end-users to apply hierarchical models in real-time. We can assign the desired roles to the individuals based on their responsibilities.

Flexible Reports

Our System built reports will give you highlighted view of what is happening in your Business. It will generate different types of reports based on your customization.


If your business conducts international trade, The TWENS Multi-Currency Module enables you to maintain multiple currencies using the Currency Master. Once a currency has been set in the system, you can maintain fluctuations in the exchange rates.

Document library

Pre-defined Banking, Contracts & Invoice documents helps to reduce resource and enormous timing. Only minimal input is required for generating documents.

Loan Module

Loan module is a blend of all important functionalities like manage different type of loan with accounting entry, repayment, possibilities for entering special repayments and many more options with it. TR, DIF, LC, DP & DA has been introduced for the ease of use.


Premium payment amount will be calculated automatically based on the insurance & invoice amount. Also Insurance settlement & premium repayment can be easily tracked in our software.

Why we're Popular

The main reason that our TWENS became popular is because
we are up to date with world wide trending technologies to serve you better.

Unmatched Integration

TWENS connects your Sales, Purchase, Shipping and Accounting under one roof.

Structured Data Model

In our software, it is possible to convert the Multiple purchase to Single sales and
vice versa..

Data Security

To stop data going into the wrong hands, we built a multi-layered data protection strategy to safeguard your business data.


"In the new enhanced freight option, freight amount can be calculated based on the number of containers & the cost involved for the shipment.

Customizable Workflows

Create custom workflow of any size that required for your Business.

Move to the new World

We migrate your company's old history data to our software with free of cost to experience the trendy TWENS

Dedicated Support

Connect with our TWENS executives at any time for technical assistance.

oAuth Integration

TWENS allows you to mail the contracts, invoice or any relevant documents to the corresponding Buyer & Seller. User can configure sender email in TWENS through oAuth.

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A Few Exemplifications

TWENS has multiple and unique features,
behold a few examples for you

Spot info when landing

The smart dashboard page will populate
the recent updates & action items of
your company as soon as you login our software.

Track your work

Don't miss any contracts. Create your sales or purchase work flow professionaly and track it from the beginning till the contract gets end.

Business Accounting on Hand

TWENS has in-built finance software that allows you to easily manage the money flowing in and out of your business.






User Friendly



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